Concert Sutra Spaces Out With The Subliminator

Concert Sutra Spaces Out With The Subliminator

by terri sapp

Photographs by Leah Yetter

© Concert Sutra, All Rights Reserved 


talking with The Subliminator

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Concert Sutra (CS):                First, tell me how long you’ve been on the music scene.


S:         Oh, Jesus!  Off and on for a very long time.  Long enough to know better.


CS:      What originally inspired you to do this musically enhanced, spoken word type of performance that you do?


S.:        I spent years in space rock bands, most notably Spaceseed.  I did vocals.  They always had a resident poet, and that is the role that I filled with Spaceseed.  That is where the twisted vocals came to be.  Back in the day I was actually a classical guitarist, but the hands are to beat up to do that now, at least in public.  So Theremins… an instrument you don’t actually have to touch.  If your hands are achy, it really doesn’t matter.  One thing led to another.  The solo set I put together in ’05. Continue reading