The Urge Family Reunion, 2013

The Urge Family Reunion, 2013
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For me, The Urge is a perfect way to celebrate Concert Sutra’s ten year anniversary, which Leah Yetter Photographer and I started in November, 2003!  On November 22nd and 23rd of 2013, The Urge held an awesome two night event at the Pageant in St. Louis, Missouri to release the first studio record in about 13 years.  Since The Urge was always one of my favorite bands in the 90’s where I learned of them as a regular opener for my band 311, I always made an effort to see them as many times as I could until they disbanded to do other things.  UNTIL RECENT YEARS!!!  One of Steve Ewing’s (the lead singer) of The Urge’s endeavors was to get into the restaurant business, particularly very creative hot dogs!  I am guessing in recent years, because of his entrepreneurship, the band mostly plays St. Louis and the surrounding Missouri areas.  Thus leaving out (with the exception of the 311 cruise and maybe a couple of other branch outs) those of us around the US, particularly me in Atlanta.  However, once I found out about the CD release of “Galvanized,” I couldn’t resist the trip from Atlanta to St. Louis to reunite with the guys I had grown to love to watch almost two decades before.  Being the awesome guys they always have been, they offered a fun and affordable VIP package, so I signed up for both nights!!!  Continue reading

Concert Sutra & The 311 Familia 2013 From The Sea Side To The Mountain Side

Concert Sutra & The 311 Familia 2013 “From The Sea Side To The Mountain Side”

by terri sapp page

Photography by Leah Yetter Photographer and terri sapp page

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In 2012, with all that I had going on leading up to my Fall wedding/Jamaican honeymoon, I decided to do something a little different at my Atlanta show.  I chose not to go through the process that is shooting from the press pit, and get back to my early 90’s roots of riding the rail at the Unity Tour 2012.  I even went by myself!  After meeting a ton of cool fanatics in line – like myself – that I had seemingly missed out on meeting in years past from dealing with the Press hustle and bustle; rushing with them all to get pit wrist bands; running to the merch to take care not to miss the special gear, I landed in my usual spot these days on the rail in front of where Tim Mahoney (guitar) performs.  It started out just like a normal show, with me setting up my equipment and getting ready to be able to take video, pictures, and audio (for personal use, of course) all at the same time.  These things are a must to be able to properly report back the events of the evening!  The very nice girl standing next to me (Sarah Huff) must have realized I was serious about my 311, and casually asked me if I was in the Familia.  Sadly, I had not been introduced to the Familia and said no, but promptly took out my iPhone, got on Facebook, and requested to join.  Before the show even started, I was able to tell her, “I am now, thanks!”  This was one of the best questions I have ever been asked, because I have realized first hand on the Unity Tour 2013 just how incredible this group called the Familia really is.  It is NOT just a Facebook group that sucks you in, makes you want to check it every five minutes, and drive up your friend numbers!  Although, it does all of that…  I have found myself asking what happened to the non-311 status updates in my newsfeed, and I love it-especially since I have been know as the girl obsessed with 311 for 19 years now!!!  I realize that I missed out on the start of the Familia due to the attention it takes to plan your own awesome wedding/honeymoon, AND have missed all three cruises AND Pow Wow from having to save every penny to help do it up and party and celebrate in style with our friends and family.  CLICK HERE to watch our awesome “Do You Right” wedding music video!

In 2013, however, my 311 obsession has started to get back to normal.  Due to some medical issues I had to overcome, moving into a corporate job, starting to referee in a new roller derby league, and working hard to lose over 120 pounds (so far), the Concert Sutra has gotten backed up.  PRIORITIES, PEOPLE!  But, early on in the year, I decided that since 2013 is a milestone birthday for me (40 and feeling great) in October, I would start marking off of my bucket list, and so far, I am rocking that right along!  The first item that came to mind was that I had never seen 311 at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado.  If you have never heard of or seen pictures of this place, CLICK HERE for Leah Yetter Photographer’s beautiful photo gallery.  I have always wanted to go see 311 there, and since Leah is now living and working in Wyoming, (and since I promised she was my first vacation after the wedding) it just seemed logical to plan the vacation around 311.  OBVIOUSLY!  Then, it all started to come together. Continue reading