Concert Sutra Finds A Little Happiness With Aimee Allen

Concert Sutra Finds A Little Happiness With Aimee Allen

by terri sapp

Photographs by Leah Yetter

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Aimee Allen in action

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Even though Leah and I were stuck at the door with Press hold ups, and conflicting start times, we could hear “Change In Weather,” one of my favorite songs from Aimee Allen’s recent album “A Little Happiness,” booming from the doors of the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta, Georgia.  On August 12, 2009, Aimee Allen was the perfect choice to get the people going for the headlining act, Sugar Ray.  When we finally made it to the stage, the band was playing “Crazy,” which is a great mix of Rock and Reggae.  The harmonies between the band and Aimee were right on!  The crowd was thin, but the band rocked it out.  Jen Stone (from Nashville) played the keys and sang her heart out, and what a fine voice she has…the perfect companion for Aimee’s beautiful voice.  Even though there were not as many people at the Variety Playhouse at this time of the night, you would never have known it from the performance given from these guys and gals.  The people who missed this missed something quite special.  Aimee Allen’s voice and style is an extremely appealing mix of rocker chick and chanteuse.  Despite her troubles in life (a devastating break up with former boyfriend and band mate, weathering the music industry shuffle, and getting beaten within an inch of her life by gang members), she exudes positivity in her show, evidenced during the audience participation in “On Vacation.”  One would have thought she was playing to a full house.  Having Will from Atlanta on the bass did not hurt at all either.  He was a hoot and a holler!  We also had a special moment when Aimee (from Los Angeles) said, “Ya’ll” for the first time when she was so thrilled that we sang along, we got a “Thank ya’ll!”  Adam White and Scott Russo (former boyfriend, of Unwritten Law and Scott and Aimee) are both from Indiana, making this group very “multi-cultural” as promised from our gorgeous front-woman.  This is always an acceptable quality to bring to Atlanta! Continue reading