Concert Sutra Girls Want To Join Willie Nelson’s Family

Concert Sutra Girls Want To Join Willie Nelson’s Family

Written by terri sapp

Photographed by Leah Yetter, Photographer

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Willie Nelson

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For me, the only thing missing from the Willie Nelson show on July 19, 2006 at the City Auditorium in Macon, Georgia was my Daddy!  The crowd at this concert was probably the most diverse I have ever seen.  There were children, teens, young adults, middle agers, and even grandfolk, of all shapes, colors, and sizes, all relishing in the beautiful music playing throughout the night!  We saw one lady dancing down the aisle that could have been rescued from the Titanic!  Even the mix of musicians on the stage spanned a wide range.  The opening act, Willie’s sons Lukas and Micha’s band, Harmonic Tribe, featured one of the most inviting dready boys, Marty Dread, with a fine voice, and smooth moves.  The Harmonic Tribe has three guitars, a bass, drums, congas, and the cute dready boy, Marty Dread, shaking things, along with his ass.  The main attraction, even here, though came when they were joined by Willie Nelson for a few numbers.  The standout collaboration during the Harmonic Tribe’s set was “What Happened to Peace on Earth.”  Lukas Nelson is no doubt his father’s son, and did not fall far from the tree.  His voice has a similar quality to his Dad, and his picking skills are polished and well-groomed.  Lukas’s organic talent really shines on a very bluesy “Sky Is Crying.”  Surprisingly enough, if one was expecting a “Country show” going to a Willie Nelson concert, they would be sorely disappointed, because throughout the night, I kept thinking how the music was deeply rooted in the blues and rock and roll.  Willie even threw in a little bit of gospel music!  Continue reading