Addison Groove Project

By terri sapp

I was encouraged to check out the Addison Groove Project, and once I heard them, I understood why.  I checked out their 2002 allophone and Archive Cuts Volume 3, Rob’s Picks – Fall 2003.  In the two albums, I found several enjoyable moments that make me move.  I really LOVE the funky jazz vibe that these guys give.  The saxophone wails.  Not only are the instrumentals fun to listen to, and make wonderful background music, but the songs with lyrics are noteworthy as well.  The second song on allophone, “Carpal Tunnel,” has a comical undertone, telling about a beautiful woman and “what you’re doing to me.”  I couldn’t help but wonder why they named the song carpal tunnel…guys…fantasizing about a hot chick…singing about wrist pain…hhhmmmmm.  The song really moves, though.  The harmonies on the sax are great.  I danced when I heard “Turning Points” thanks to the horn and guitar mix.  “Breathe” has a super dreamy scratching sequence that reminds me of a toned down psychedelic DJ Shadow.  The deeply soulful vocals also caught me in a flashback to a show where G Love meets Michael Franti.  Very impressive. Archive Cuts Volume 3, Rob’s Picks – Fall 2003 came up with some exciting covers and originals.  Pink Floyd’s “Have a Cigar” is musically right on.  The vocals on this one were a little over the top, in my opinion, in this recording, but the singer did put his own spin on the cover, not just carbon copying the original.  “Brown Sunlight” has a real funky groove.  Songs like this one make me understand where the band name comes from.  Their cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Ramble On” was much more fitting for the singer, and the band really brought a mellow mood to this rock ’n’ roll song.  The last of my favorite covers on this live cd is “Fame.”  Addison Groove Project brings a little bit of P-Funk to this David Bowie/John Lennon classic collaboration.  The vocals are totally on point on this one!  “Wolfgang,” another of the band’s instrumentals, shows the emotional side of the Groove Project, and leads me to think that these guys could make a pretty good living just composing movie soundtracks!  Visit the Addison Groove Projects’ website,, for more information on the band, their music, and when you can catch them in your area!