311’s Universal Pulse

311’s Universal Pulse

by terri sapp

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Every time that my favorite band comes out with a new album, I get all nervous and excited all at the same time!  I can’t wait to sit alone with the lyrics, read along as I listen, and just enjoy.  The nerves come from the same anticipation that I get when I am about to shoot photos of them at their concerts.  Butterflies and all!  Nick Hexum (vocals and guitar), SA Martinez (vocals and special effects), Chad Sexton (drums), P-Nut (bass), and Tim Mahoney (guitar) have not made an album yet that I did not like, and their 2011 release, Universal Pulse is no different.  I knew from the first song, “Time Bomb” that I would love Universal Pulse.  This time, unlike in the past, I ordered my copy (CD and vinyl) on a pre-sale set up by the band.  However, once the actual day came for the album to ‘drop,’ I didn’t feel right not picking a copy up from one of my favorite local record stores, so I went there, too!  311 usually offers a special keepsake with their records that are bought the day they go on sale, and this year it was a free limited edition lenticular hologram of the album cover.  Of course, I couldn’t resist!

“Time Bomb” is a classic 311 dancehall rock jam.  Seems like another awesome message and sort of another ode to their fans… “Let me introduce you to the excitable crew!  This is just how we do.  Tickin’ like a time bomb…watch, we go off!”  SA and Nick’s harmonies are on point throughout Universal Pulse, which always gets a crowd going. Continue reading