Concert Sutra & Ani Difranco Say “Vote Dammit!”

Concert Sutra & Ani Difranco Say “Vote Dammit!”

by terri sapp

Photographs by Leah Yetter

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There has never been a more important time in American history to put your civil liberties to good use and get to the polls and VOTE!  In the past, many people have fought and struggled so that women, African Americans, Native Americans, and young adults could make a choice and have a voice in time of Election.  The “Vote Dammit!” tour with Ani Difranco has made it their business to encourage each and every eligible American to be heard in the most crucial election of our generation’s lifetime so far.  Ani Difranco has even enlisted her own Army to walk the non-registered masses through the process of registering to vote, including sending their registration off in the mail for them, so they can be eligible by November 2, 2004!

Having seen Ani Difranco on several occasions, I knew that she was not shy at all about voicing her opinions (through her music, guest speakers, and opening acts).  Also having heard that her latest tour was titled “Vote Dammit!” I was sure she would have plenty to say about the upcoming Election!  Much to my surprise, her message was fairly nonpartisan, Continue reading