The Urge Family Reunion, 2013

The Urge Family Reunion, 2013
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For me, The Urge is a perfect way to celebrate Concert Sutra’s ten year anniversary, which Leah Yetter Photographer and I started in November, 2003!  On November 22nd and 23rd of 2013, The Urge held an awesome two night event at the Pageant in St. Louis, Missouri to release the first studio record in about 13 years.  Since The Urge was always one of my favorite bands in the 90’s where I learned of them as a regular opener for my band 311, I always made an effort to see them as many times as I could until they disbanded to do other things.  UNTIL RECENT YEARS!!!  One of Steve Ewing’s (the lead singer) of The Urge’s endeavors was to get into the restaurant business, particularly very creative hot dogs!  I am guessing in recent years, because of his entrepreneurship, the band mostly plays St. Louis and the surrounding Missouri areas.  Thus leaving out (with the exception of the 311 cruise and maybe a couple of other branch outs) those of us around the US, particularly me in Atlanta.  However, once I found out about the CD release of “Galvanized,” I couldn’t resist the trip from Atlanta to St. Louis to reunite with the guys I had grown to love to watch almost two decades before.  Being the awesome guys they always have been, they offered a fun and affordable VIP package, so I signed up for both nights!!!  Continue reading