Concert Sutra Reunites for Echo and the Bunnymen

Concert Sutra Reunites for Echo and the Bunnymen

by terri sapp

Photographs by Leah Yetter and terri sapp

© Concert Sutra, All Rights Reserved

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On May 5, 2011, the girls of Concert Sutra came together again at the Masquerade in Atlanta, Georgiato FINALLY catch those English blokes who call themselves Echo and the Bunnymen, having waited for them to come back to Atlantaafter cancelling on us in 2009.  After the let down of missing them then, we were overjoyed when we showed up this year at the Masquerade and saw the tour busses and a packed house with almost no teenagers!  Echo’s lineup on this 2011 tour included Ian McCullough (the sassiest lead singer in all of the UK), Will Sergeant (bad ass guitar), Gordy Goudie (guitar with the coolest name), Stephen Brannan (unbelievable bass), Paul Fleming (old school keyboards), and Nick Kilroe (to die for drums).  The show primarily consisted of the band’s first two studio album releases, Crocodiles and Heaven Up Here, along with some extra gems during the encores.  Before Echo and the Bunnymen even showed their faces, they pumped out enough fog to throw a Halloween party in Times Square!  The only downside to that, other than the difficulty breathing, was that when they made it to the stage, you could hardly see their faces for all of the fog!  AND, don’t get me started about the lighting at the Masquerade!!  Trying to get a decent photograph of these guys in this venue (even with Leah’s brand new addition to the Concert Sutra family, the fabulous new Canon 60D) was like me struggling to capture Bauhaus in the purposeful darkness of the Tabernacle with any camera!  Needless to say, during the first part of the show, while the band was jamming out “Going Up” and “Stars Are Stars,” poor Leah was busy shooting silhouettes!  She was hungry for some rich and vibrant photos since it was our first time together at a show in a very long time, so she didn’t give up that easily.  Be sure to check out Leah’s photo gallery at, because we worked very hard for every single shot in there!  This was no cake walk!  I was able to catch a little video on my little Canon Elph while we were up front shooting, which can be found on the Concert Sutra You Tube channel, or by clicking here Echo and the Bunnymen on the Concert Sutra You Tube channel.  Please check it out and feel free to comment and let us know what you think!  We have started trying to get some amateur video clips that we would like to feature here on the site, so we want to hear from you and get some feedback! Continue reading