Concert Sutra & Tori Amos’ Original Sinsuality Tour

Concert Sutra & Tori Amos’ Original Sinsuality Tour

by terri sapp

Photographs by Leah Yetter

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Tori Amos

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Every time Tori Amos (pianist, singer, songwriter) puts out an album, the buzz gets going surrounding what that tour will bring.  Tori’s new album, The Beekeeper, is no different.  The Original Sinsuality Tour offers Tori at the essence of her best, just her and her instruments: the Bosendorfer Piano, two Hammond Organs, a Rhodes Keyboard, and that hefty set of vocal pipes.  Although her band mates Matt Chamberlain (drums) and Jon Evans (bass) are missed terribly when they are not around, it is something special to experience the one woman show that is Tori Amos in the midst of a sea of keys!

Even though Tori’s boys aren’t around to entertain her, Mark Hawley (Husband, sound) is always there to make sure she is taken care of on tour and sounding great.  It’s a family affair.  On the “Original Sinsuality Tour” Tori is wearing the flowing feminine clothes tailored from Bora Aksu’s Spring/Summer 2005 collection.  For a glimpse of the clothing line, go to: Continue reading