2010 Macon Film Festival

Concert Sutra enjoys MaGa, 2010 Macon Film Festival

By terri sapp

Photographs taken by Leah Yetter

© Concert Sutra, All Rights Reserved

me and illeana

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2010 was my first experience with the Macon Film Festival after years of hearing about how wonderful a time it was.  I have to say, MaGa surpassed any and all expectations I could have possibly dreamed up from the tales I had been told from years past.  2010 was especially momentous because it was the fifth anniversary of the festival, and the organizers did NOT hold back in celebrating this milestone!  Some of the highlights that were special to Concert Sutra I will share with you here.  After reading, you will understand why it is that I am hooked will be forever ready for a good Q&A!  Concert Sutra’s Photographer, Leah Yetter has been attending the Festival for as long as it has been an event, and told me year after year how she knew, based on my love of the arts and film, how much I would enjoy MaGa.  She has only been more right only a few times in our longtime friendship!! Continue reading