Concert Sutra Doin’ it Buffalo Style

Concert Sutra Doin’ it Buffalo Style

by terri sapp

Photographs by Leah Yetter

© Concert Sutra, All Rights Reserved

Tara Nevins on guitar

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As I approached the Variety Playhouse on November 8, 2003, I could feel the ground underneath pounding and vibrating as the music stampeded out of the front door.  Immediately when I came around the corner and saw the crowd kickin’ up dust, I knew I was dealing with a herd!

A little confused, I roamed the range to find the perfect view for the gazing onlooker such as myself.  Once I was a little closer, I found that, sure enough, I WAS in the midst of the grasslands during mating season.  At first, I was sure that there was to be an opening band, and thought I may have missed out.  Then, I questioned, have they added some buffalo to their herd?  I recognized Tara Nevins (on guitar, fiddle, vocals, accordion, and scrub board), Jeb Puryear (on guitar, vocals, and pedal steel), Jim Miller (on guitar, banjo and vocals), Kathy Zeigler (on lowery organ, keyboards, and vocals), Phil Weinrobe (filling in for Jed Greenberg on bass), and Tom Gilbert (on drums).  But had never seen the guy in the black suit with yin-yangs all over the jacket and down the legs!  Come to find out a friend of mine was a big fan of Jim Lauderdale.  I have to say, I am not much on country music, but this guy fit into the herd just right with the way he molds his genre with so many other styles of music. Continue reading