An Appointment with The Mentors’ Dr. Heathen Scum

An Appointment with The Mentors’ Dr. Heathen Scum
June 14, 2017
Interview between Terri Sapp Page and Steve Broy (Dr. Heathen Scum of the Mentors)
Show at 529 in East Village
Pictures and video by Terri Sapp Page
© Concert Sutra

On June 14, 2017 at 529, I had the extreme pleasure to sit down and have a conversation with the surprisingly soft spoken “shock rocker,” Steve Broy, a.k.a. Dr. Heathen Scum of the Mentors. The line up that night included The Mentors, The Murder Junkies, and The Rotten Stitches, all of which killed it in this very small venue. The crowd was packed and pumped! The Mentors line up was Dr. Heathen Scum on bass guitar, Sickie Wifebeater (Eric Carlson) on lead guitar, and this go around a fella going by the name of Dino Shitstain on the drums. The set list is provided after the interview. I also took some photos and video that will also be at the end of this fun read.

Concert Sutra (from here out referred to as CS):       I know you get a lot of questions about El Duce, but everyone wants to hear your stories from that time (thus the book), so I will go ahead and kick off our time with a couple of questions surrounding that time in the Mentor’s history.

Dr. Heathen Scum (from here out referred to as Dr.):            Sure! Ok. Continue reading