Princess Goes to Terminal West in Atlanta

“Princess Goes to Terminal West in Atlanta” 

December 10, 2024

at Terminal West

in Atlanta, Georgia

Recording, story, and photos by Terri Sapp

Photography by Leah Yetter

© Concert Sutra 2024

If you wonder what to expect from a Princess Goes show in 2024, you will get SUPERGROUP Peter Yanowitz (drums and things), Matt Katz-Bohen (keyboards, guitars, and things), and Michael C. Hall (vocals and things) at the TOP of their game. Take a listen to the video for audio from the Atlanta Terminal West show. While you listen, enjoy the hard-earned fun photos from the show from me and Leah Yetter, Photographer.

As a background, I first found Peter when I was young listening to bands like solo Natalie Merchant, the Wallflowers, and then in the 2014 Hedwig and the Angry Inch Broadway revival show I saw with Michael C. Hall starring, AND in the shows that I saw on the touring version of Hedwig as well.  I only recently realized that I have seen Peter EVERY TIME I have seen Hedwig live! I didn’t know it, but this is also how I know Matt Katz-Bohen as he was also involved in the touring company of Hedwig.  Matt has also been touring with the juggernaut Blondie since 2008.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have been following Michael C. Hall since the time I found out about him from my friend who dressed him in Cabaret in the ‘90’s.  I was always an HBO & Showtime subscriber for the big shows back then like Sex and the City, the Sopranos, & Queer As Folk. Much to my surprise, Michael C. Hall showed up playing David Fisher in one of my top 3 tied for the best shows ever made, to this day, “Six Feet Under.” I watched it and subsequently my favorite vigilante serial killer, Dexter, religiously, back before there was streaming and one had to WAIT a week for each episode!!!  The horror! Anyway, as an eccentric theatre student living an alternative lifestyle in the early ‘90’s, of course Hedwig and the Angry Inch became my favorite rock opera.

I always wanted to see John Cameron Mitchell in the role, but when they revived the show on Broadway, I was determined to see Michael C. Hall in the role.  I went to see the show on a Megabus from Atlanta to New York on Halloween with my old friend of 30 years now, dressed in costume.  I met Michael and Peter for the first time that night waiting outside the Belasco Theatre. After following Michael’s career for so long, I was thrilled to find out that he had teamed up with his fellow Angry Inch band members to form what is no doubt one of the best groups to form in recent times. 

The energy, beats, and lyrics that come out of this creative team keep me dancing, moving, and feeling elevated.  It is hard to categorize their sound, but they have tried with the term “gothidelic rocktronic” to which I would add “DANCEFUNKWIZARDRY” (see the end for a related haiku for the boys)!! I have to watch myself at the shows NOT screaming at Peter the whole time. He and Matt’s sorcery has an immediate effect on my body and soul and captured me from the first note I ever heard them play live with Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum the last time they came to Atlanta. The sounds they make as a trio, coupled with the lyrics that Mike adds, make for an experience you just have to catch to understand. 

BASICALLY, I came for Mike, stayed for Peter and Matt (and Mike, too, of course)!!! When I first discovered them before hearing them live, I was immediately taken by the recordings they put out.  The first self-titled “Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum” at the time was a taste and the beginnings of such great things.  The second LP, “Thanks for Coming” took it up a notch and pulled me in and got me spreading the word to anyone who would listen. My friends think it is just because they know how much I love Mike, but I only have to get them to listen to the music and go to a show to have them really understand. I don’t steer you wrong when it comes to music! It’s Concert Sutra for goddess’ sake!  Meant to be a guideline for great entertainment and music.

This brings us to the Princess Goes new record “Come of Age.” I can’t say enough how baller this record is!  “Come of Age” really shines a spotlight on the rapid progression of these fellas’ quality music compositions. JUST INCREDIBLE! Do yourself a favor and listen.  They also have some very creative videos on the YouTube. If you are lucky enough for them to come to your town, GO TO THE SHOW.

My goal with Princess Goes is to be patient until they have the time to fit Concert Sutra in on their schedule to score an interview, because your girl has questions!!! Stay tuned, because I will be following them and reporting back on the beauty, beats, black magic, and blouses by Matt. *hearts & love forever*

A haiku for Peter, Matt, & Mike by terri sapp



Is how Princess Goes

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