Concert Sutra Satisfied Our Souls With The Legendary Wailers

by terri sapp

Photographs by Leah Yetter

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The Legendary Wailers 2004

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            “Them belly full but we hungry, a hungry mob is a angry mob…” This mob was definitely hungry for the rich thick smooth reggae that continues still after years and years with the Legendary Wailers.  April 21, 2004 at the Georgia Theatre in Athens, Georgia is a night to go down in history as a few of the best spent hours, so far, of 2004.   I have had the pleasure of seeing several Wailers shows in the past, and one commonality is that the line-up of musicians is always different.  There are a couple guys that seem to be steady, but the rest shift around.  The few that I have noticed who are consistently touring with this truly historical reggae band is Aston “Family man” Barrett, who played with Bob Marley and was in the original Wailers line up, on bass; Zeb Williams on drums; Glenn Decasta, who also played with Bob Marley and has been with the Wailers for a very long time, on saxophone; and Gary Pine on lead vocals.  The others that I had the honor of experiencing (I believe) for the first time this show included, Junior Marvin, who played with Bob Marley and has been with the Wailers for a very long time, on lead guitar; Rasmel Glover, who has the longest head of dreads I have ever laid eyes on, on rhythm guitar; Arnold Rockenridge on trumpet; Keith Sterling, who has played with Peter Tosh, on keyboard; and of course, the background singers, Katian Frasier and Roleta Dixon (spelling unsure). There were so many old favorites performed this night, that it will be difficult to cover them all, but I will give it a shot.  The first of my beloved pieces of music came from the creative mind of Carlton Barrett, “Them Belly Full” from the 1974 classic post-Bunny Wailer/Peter Tosh “Bob Marley and The Wailers” album, “Natty Dread.”    Read More »