!!! (chk chk chk)’s Strange Weather, Isn’t It?

!!! (chk chk chk)’s Strange Weather, Isn’t It?

by terri sapp

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Strange Weather Isn't It album cover

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One of my favorite bands, !!! (chk chk chk) made us all happy in the Fall of 2010 when they released their latest album called  Strange Weather, Isn’t It? just in time for my birthday!! !  Since their debut self-titled studio album in 2001, !!! has produced nothing but quality work.  After the 2007 release of the awesome Myth Takes record, I was not surprised to hear that their sound just keeps getting tighter and tighter!  It is hard to imagine an album that can stand up next to Myth Takes, because it is such a fantastic collection of songs, but Strange Weather, Isn’t It? holds its own in a major way.  I knew I loved this new release within the first few measures.

In true !!! form,  Mario Andreoni (guitar), Dan Gorman (horns/percussion/keys), Nic Offer (vocals), Tyler Pope (bass/various electronic devices), and Allan Wilson (horns/percussion/keys) , Shannon Funchess (vocals), Sean McGahan (various electronic devices/sound manipulation), Paul Quattrone and Jerry Fuchs (drums) kick off the new album with a lively, bouncing beat in “AM/FM.”  Continue reading