Concert Sutra sizes up The Liabilities

by terri sapp

Photographs by Leah Yetter

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The LiabilitiesConcert Sutra’s Photographer, Leah Yetter, lives in Macon, Georgia, a historically musical town in middle Georgia, known for many great artists as well as the Georgia Music Hall of Fame.  When deciding on our feature for this month, I asked her what was hot around Macon.  Her first response was The Liabilities!  Made up of Aaron Irons (vocals, guitars), Justin Smith (vocals, bass, cigarettes), Brandon Fickler (vocals, lead guitar), and Josh Smith (drums), these guys are making their way around and keeping busy pleasing the fans and working the crowds.  Due to scheduling conflicts, our busy multi-talented and high demand asses were unable to actually attend a show this month (what a bummer), so pictured are The Liabilities on the night of their CD release at the Hummingbird, candid and “Elph-stye (camera type),” rocking it out.  Live action all the way!  Totally inspired and off the cuff “gotta get a photo” action.  Ladies Love The Liabilities!  To check out for yourself what touches the Concert Sutra girls about The Liabilities, visit them at  I had the opportunity to ask lead singer and guitar player Aaron Irons some questions.  It went something like this: Read More »