Concert Sutra Going To The Church

Concert Sutra Going To The Church

By terri sapp

Photographed by terri sapp

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Marty and Tim

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The first person we ran into when we arrived at the Variety Playhouse on August 6, 2006 (my sweet and beautiful Mama’s birthday) informed us that The Church would be going at it acoustic style on this tour.  That’s right, folks, we got the rare opportunity to have this religious experience with no Rickenbackers in sight!  I watched closely as the men around me tensed up with anxiety, but I maintained my cool, as I knew these guys would rock it out, no matter what instruments they were playing.  After close to thirty years of touring, this was my first time seeing The Church play live, but as their studio recordings always reflected, there is nothing if not pure genius running through the veins of every member of this holier than most group of musicians.

I was told by my “The Church concert veteran” (the gorgeous and talented Mr. Noel Page) that they could be expected to open the show with the first song from the band’s latest studio release.  Sure enough, “Block,” from the 2006 Uninvited Like The Clouds record, was first to make its way into every ear of this loyal congregation. Continue reading