Concert Sutra on Swollen Members

Concert Sutra on Swollen Members

by terri sapp

stock photos from Swollen Members

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Swollen Members:      Yo, Terri!

Concert Sutra: Hi!  I wanted to first ask you guys how you ended up together?

Swollen Members:      Swollen Members formed about nine years ago.  I met Mad Child briefly while he was living in San Francisco.  I had been living in San Diego, and was on my way back to Vancouver, and decided to stop in San Francisco just to check out the scene and see what was going on for half a day.  I walked into a shop called Extra Large, which was owned by the Beastie Boys, and Mad Child was working there.  We had known who each other were, but had never formally met back in Vancouver, so we started talking.  Struck it off pretty well…didn’t really think too too much about it, but a year and a half later I walked into a house party and he was there.  We sat down across from each other and started rapping in front of about a hundred and fifty drunk people at my homegirl’s birthday party.  We had the entire room silent, which you know it is hard enough to keep drunk people silent, let alone one hundred and fifty of them.  From that moment forward, we knew we had chemistry together.  We took a walk to the corner store together to get some gum, and by the time we got back, Swollen Members was in the studio the next week. Continue reading