Concert Sutra catches up with Squat

Concert Sutra catches up with Squat

by terri sapp

Photographs by Leah Yetter

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In what seems to be a very rare event these days, Leah and I both attended a show together!!!  We have been keeping a look out for something to grab us both to want to work it out, but also to settle in with both our schedules.  Apparently, with the exception of the Scared Records crew (i.e. Vietnam, the Subliminator, and Greg Connors), quality live shows (in my opinion) have been few and far between lately.  And then, it happened…I was perusing the Creative Loafing, and saw an old favorite from our days in Macon, Georgia together, jazz boys extraordinaire, Squat.  These guys have been in our music lives since we first knew each other, but the Concert Sutra never featured them.  We felt that was odd, and that we should fix that problem right away.

The last time I remember seeing Squat was during Bragg Jam a couple of years back.  I was happy to see that pleasant part of my Macon past still standing strong and playing better than ever.  Now in 2007, Trey Wright (acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards), Carl Lindberg (upright and electric bass, percussion, guitar, and vocals), Tommy Somerville (piano and keyboards, percussion, guitar, and vocals), and Darren Stanley (drums and percussion, sequencing) dazzle audiences all over with their abundant talents and overflowing charm.  On March 24, 2007, many gathered at Smith’s Olde Bar in Atlanta, Georgia for the release of the Athens/Atlanta jazz quartet Squat’s CD, “Squat.”  Continue reading