Concert Sutra “Suckin’” on Primus

Concert Sutra “Suckin’” on Primus

by terri sapp

Photographs by Leah Yetter

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The anticipation of a night with three original members of Primus, one of the best rock bands in this countries’ history was enough to drive a woman like me to a high-pitched giggly schoolgirl squeal fest every time it crossed my mind.  Even more, there is no better venue in at least the southeastern United States than the Tabernacle in downtown Atlanta, Georgia.

Les Claypool

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From the very beginning of March 8, 2004, it was obvious that Primus still has a most dedicated fan base, even after all these years!  Upon arrival, (several hours early, due to the general admission setup) we came across a solid Primus crew.  After they FINALLY let us in, we didn’t have to wait through an opening act…nothing but Primus, baby!  On one side of us was a fourteen year old that was three years old the last time I saw these three guys play together when they headlined Lollapalooza in 1993, and on the other side was a young boy who told us all just before show time, “I have waited my whole life to see Primus!”

As soon as Larry LaLonde (on guitar) and Tim Alexander (on drums) appeared, it hit me that my favorite bass player in the WORLD was about to be within feet of the front and left of center spot I claimed just minutes earlier. Continue reading