Concert Sutra Down In It With Nine Inch Nails

Concert Sutra Down In It With Nine Inch Nails

by terri sapp

Photographs by terri sapp (from the pit) and Leah Yetter (from the balcony)

© Concert Sutra, All Rights Reserved

Trent Reznor

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In my wildest dreams, nothing sexier could be

Than Trent Reznor’s muscles glistening back at me

The intensity and message that comes from his song

Makes me wonder how before him I ever got along

Conjuring high energy and strong emotion never fails

Coming from the power that will always be Nine Inch Nails

Having waited for this night since the day “Pretty Hate Machine” boomed from the speakers of my high school cd player, I would have to say that spending the evening with Nine Inch Nails, no matter what the lineup, was monumental.  In support of their latest, long awaited, studio album, “With Teeth,” Nine Inch Nails has launched a club tour across the globe equipped to blow the roof off of these smaller venues.  Front man and only official member, Trent Reznor, along with his newest touring lineup of musicians, definitely left a mark on Atlanta, Georgia that will not soon be forgotten.  Atlanta was lucky enough to have had two opportunities to catch this rare intimate tour, both Saturday, May 21, 2005 and Sunday, May 22, 2005.  Although, only a handful of fans (comparatively) were able to score tickets, since both shows, and most shows on this tour, sold out within minutes. Continue reading