Concert Sutra talks with Greg Connors

Concert Sutra talks with Greg Connors

By terri sapp

Photographs taken by terri sapp

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Greg Connors

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Concert Sutra:             What inspired you to become a musician?

Greg Connors:             Other people’s music moving me.  Certain songs, I believe, have kept me alive or going or ‘feeling less alone’.  Bill Taft said that of my writing once and it made me realize I was doing something right.  Writing with a musical formula can ‘come across’ to more people.  Instruments being an infinite source of potential skill honing and frustration has always appealed to me.

Concert Sutra:             When did you write your first song?  What was it?  When did it happen?

Greg Connors:             I was 6.  It was a song called ‘When I get angry I spit fire’.  My dad read it aloud as it sat on my desk in this nasally New York accent like an adult reading a children’s work and it sounded ridiculous.  It was my first lesson in how not to phrase. phrases. Continue reading