Concert Sutra Hangin’ With G Love and Special Sauce

Concert Sutra Hangin’ With G Love and Special Sauce

Written by terri sapp

Photographed by Leah Yetter

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Since the day I started writing these things each month, I have patiently awaited focusing all of my attention on G Love and Special Sauce.  November 18, 2005 in Atlanta, Georgia, opening act Blackalicious joined G Love and Special Sauce at the Roxy for one of the highpoints of our time with the Concert Sutra.  G Love is Garrett Dutton (harmonica, vocals, and guitar), and the Special Sauce is comprised of Jimi Jazz (string bass) and Houseman (drums).  Most of the times I have seen these guys play, they seem to invite additional “special sauce” to add to the flava, and the Roxy show was no different.  G Love and Special Sauce have been touring through the Fall, and don’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

The first notes of the night that come out of G Love are from his harmonica, which is why G Love has my heart!  When he plays the harmonica, I feel my world is complete.  “Get Ur Shit Together” is just G Love with his harmonica and guitar.  G is the funkiest, flyest, and freshest!  He makes my heart aflutter…  Houseman and Jimi Jazz join in on “Friday Night (Hundred Dollar Bill)” from Philadelphonic, making for the perfect opportunity for an Atlanta (or Hotlanta, as G likes to call it) freestyle.  These boys really know how to make ya shake it!  What a relief to get one of your favorite songs so early in the show, “Give It To You” from G’s album The Hustle hit the spot.  This is the best beat ever!  Houseman really rounds this song out with his backup vocals behind the drums.  Songs like “Give It To You” display the magnitude of which G Love and Special Sauce have been steadily consistent through the years with songs that you wanna hear over and over.  The heavy reggae beat is a sure fire way to my playlist!  Along the same lines, from The Hustle, “Booty Call” offers the crowd a fun sing along with a catchy tune.  And who wouldn’t want a “Booty Call” from G Love???  “Ain’t nothing wrong with a booty call…I can tell that we gon be friends.”  In cases like tonight, the booty call sometimes ends with a bit of the old “Hand Jive…”  Flashbacks rule! Continue reading