Concert Sutra & Dinosaur Jr, Going Back In Time

Concert Sutra & Dinosaur Jr, Going Back In Time

written by terri sapp

photographs by terri sapp

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J Mascis

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When I was just a wee lass, fresh out of Brunswick High School in the Summer of 1993, a friend of mine and I were fortunate enough to make it down into the great state of Florida for this little tour called Lollapalooza.  We were outside in the hot Orlando sun, and loving it!  This day was a very special day for me, as it would be my first live experience with many of my most revered acts such as Tool, Fishbone, Alice In Chains, Rage Against the Machine, Arrested Development, Front 242, PRIMUS, and Dinosaur Jr.  Even though it was a festival, and many acts were cut short, in my opinion, I was still able to develop a deeper appreciation for the rock band in general.  Ever since that day, I have made it one of my many goals to see all of the aforementioned bands live in concert as many times as possible.  I lucked out on some of the groups and have been able to grab many chances with, but had to wait until 2006 for Dinosaur Jr to directly cross my path again.  Fate brought me to this show, with the help of a couple of friends (Dottie Blount and Seth Weiner, THANKS GUYS!)  who were able to make it happen, and I loved every loud minute of it.  Not even an old friend blowing me off forever could knock me from the cloud I was on at the end of this bit of rock and roll heaven! Continue reading