Concert Sutra Cheers Modern Day Bluegrass!

Concert Sutra Cheers Modern Day Bluegrass!

by terri sapp

Photographs by terri sapp

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CX-1 George and Seawell

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Smith’s Old Bar in Atlanta, Georgia has been hopping with the latest and greatest bluegrass acts of my generation.  On January 12, 2006, I was pleased to have my first live show with CX-1, and Blueground Undergrass, whom I have been pleased to have seen many times before, on January 14, 2006.  Putting these two acts in the same place so close together helped me remember just how much fun I have at a show where there are so many boys pickin’ and a sangin’!  My appreciation for bluegrass music has grown over these recent years, with acts like Donna the Buffalo, Snake Oil Medicine Show, and Blueground Undergrass coming into my life.  However, when I first heard the Snake Oil Medicine show a few years ago, I was made aware of the potential for fun and crossing genres that bluegrass offers.  Most of the boys from the Snake Oil Medicine Show, who unfortunately broke up recently, have branched off and joined with their close friend and former Acoustic Syndicate band member and revived CX-1, formerly Cygnus X-1 Blackhole Bluegrass Boyz.  CX-1’s innovative approach to bluegrass touches my very soul with the flavors of reggae that are peppered throughout their songs.  This joining of Snake Oil Medicine Show and Acoustic Syndicate has produced a world beat, reggae, rock, Americana, newgrass, electronica, dance, hip hop, funk jazz, “modern fusion music,” “most closely resembling bluegrass,” sure to claim the affection of all who hear.  Continue reading