Concert Sutra In The Dark With Bauhaus

Concert Sutra In The Dark With Bauhaus

by terri sapp

Photographs by terri sapp

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David J

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Looking back on 2005, there are a select few times had that I can truly think back fondly on.  One of those times was my Thanksgiving holiday.  Puppies at home gorged on table scraps, friends gathered all around, and Bauhaus played “The Near the Atmosphere Tour” at my favorite venue, Atlanta’s Tabernacle!  The Beautiful, Peter Murphy (vocals), Daniel Ash (guitar and vocals), David J (bass), and Kevin Haskins (drums) kept even us turkey eating fools going strong well into the night!  I couldn’t have asked for a better way to give thanks, but in the Dark with Bauhaus.  Even though Bauhaus has been around since the late seventies, made their voice heard in the early part of the eighties, and reunited for touring in the late nineties, their latest tour proves them as fresh and hot as ever! Continue reading