Concert Sutra & Tori Amos’ Original Sinsuality Tour

Concert Sutra & Tori Amos’ Original Sinsuality Tour

by terri sapp

Photographs by Leah Yetter

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Tori Amos

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Every time Tori Amos (pianist, singer, songwriter) puts out an album, the buzz gets going surrounding what that tour will bring.  Tori’s new album, The Beekeeper, is no different.  The Original Sinsuality Tour offers Tori at the essence of her best, just her and her instruments: the Bosendorfer Piano, two Hammond Organs, a Rhodes Keyboard, and that hefty set of vocal pipes.  Although her band mates Matt Chamberlain (drums) and Jon Evans (bass) are missed terribly when they are not around, it is something special to experience the one woman show that is Tori Amos in the midst of a sea of keys!

Even though Tori’s boys aren’t around to entertain her, Mark Hawley (Husband, sound) is always there to make sure she is taken care of on tour and sounding great.  It’s a family affair.  On the “Original Sinsuality Tour” Tori is wearing the flowing feminine clothes tailored from Bora Aksu’s Spring/Summer 2005 collection.  For a glimpse of the clothing line, go to:

Tori AmosIn Clearwater, FL on Friday, April 1, 2005 at Ruth Eckard Hall, Leah was able to kick off the tour at the big opening.  The Clearwater, Florida set included:

Original Sinsuality, Angels, Happy Phantom, Jamaica Inn, Seaside, Winter, Playboy Mommy, God Bless The Child (Billie Holliday cover), Candle in the Wind (Elton John cover), Marys of the Sea, Sister Janet, Marianne, Pretty Good Year, Rattlesnakes, The Beekeeper

1st Encore: The Power Orange Knickers, Putting The Damage On

2nd Encore: Another Girl’s Paradise, 1000 Oceans (DAMNIT! I wish I was there for this song)

Luckily, Leah and I were able to catch this tour in Atlanta, GA on Monday, April 4, 2005 at Symphony Hall. The show Terri, Leah, Kitty, & Mama Cindy was simply stunning.  Just before the tickets to this show went on sale, my Mother caught Tori on one of the Late night type shows performing “Sleeps with Butterflies.”  She came to me and asked about that woman we are always going to see.  When she found out she was playing soon, she decided to go.  From the set list, I would have thought Tori knew Mom was going to be there.  She played several covers, and even played the one song Mama wanted to hear!  If only she’d played “Ireland” it would have been unbeatable.

No surprise that the opener ended up being the namesake of the tour, “Original Sinsuality.”  Next, with one of the two Hammond organs, “Blood Roses.”  Very passionate.  Tori greets the South with the news that the South makes her feel “willing and alive.”  From the improv that she gave before “Past The Mission,” Atlanta gets Tori a little worked up, if you know what I mean…  “Past the Mission” was perfect.  She played both the piano and the Hammond organ at the same time, and with such grace.  That is so impressive.

Tori AmosWhen  “Sleeps With Butterflies” followed “Past the Mission,” I knew we were in for it this evening.  Even though she has been playing this one around town, she hasn’t really played it a lot on the road.  I believe that she played it just for my Mama’s first Tori show, since that was the song that reeled her in.  Old skool, “Cooling” was cool as ever.  Tori’s vocal range really shines on this one.  But the catchy, yet politically charged, “The Power Of Orange Knickers” came alive like no other.  This song has continually grown on me since the release of “The Beekeeper,” to the point where it is one of my favorites to hear.  I prefer her live version of this song to the version on the album.  There is something very powerful about just her and the piano, belting out such lyrics and beats.  “Doughnut Song,” had a sweet and sexy melody, and very personal lyrics, which is always a good combination.

In honor of her recently deceased brother, Michael, Tori played Elton John’s “Rocket Man,” which oddly enough seemed to fit perfectly.  Especially with the “Georgia On My Mind” tease on piano, along with her cute story about their connection with the song and smoky bars, when she played bars…and when she smoked…”not that I ever smoked…cigarettes…(giggles).”  Her version was haunting and beautiful.  Just when I thought she wouldn’t play a better cover song than “Rocket Man,” she went right into Roberta Flack’s “Killing Me Softly.”

”Carbon,” pulled from Scarlet’s closet, was nice to hear.  “Jamaica Inn” brought out the Hammond again.  Tori Tori Amosswitches between the piano and the Hammond with ease, which makes for an interesting sounding change in the feel of the song.  To play piano, organ, AND sing at the same time…I can’t imagine anyone being able to say that is anything but GENIUS!  A hard one to follow up, Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide” helps the transition.  The best part, though, was Tori’s reaction to an obnoxious (now infamous among anyone in the crowd that night) girl who couldn’t seem to grasp when the best time was to scream at the top of her lungs, “OK, the Motley Crew show is across the fucking way!”  Even then, she went immediately back into her song with a wink, kiss, and a smile without missing a beat.  What a Pro!  From the looks of it, we were all having a case of the “Mondays.”  Tori must have picked up on that, since she pulled out the Rhodes and Robert Geldof’s “I Don’t Like Mondays.”  I always love hearing this song when she comes and plays on a Monday night.  I, too, don’t like Mondays.  Above all, I wished and prayed to hear the next song…title track from her newest album, “The Beekeeper.”  There is always that song that reaches into your soul and tugs at your inner core.  For me, right now, that song is “The Beekeeper.”  On the Hammond, Tori wails and pleads to the beekeeper.  This was for sure a Leah and Terrihighlight for my night.  I found myself reaching for the tissues I brought in case she played this one.

For the first encore, old favorites “Tear In Your Hand” and “Josephine,” both on the piano.  Both of these songs have very rich vocals and melodies.  Quite a satisfying encore.

After a short break, we got a sweet second encore that had a twist, “Merman,” which referenced “the priests are dead” just when the pope died.  At the end of the road, Tori left Atlanta with a “Twinkle.”  I thoroughly enjoyed this venue and set list, and can’t wait to see Tori again this Summer.

On April 15, 2005, Leah was also lucky enough to catch the Chicago, IL show at the Auditorium Theatre.  The Chicago set was as follows:  Original Sinsuality, Father Lucifer, Mother Revolution, Yes, Anastasia, Apollo’s Frock, Parasol, Mother, Operator (Jim Croce cover), Circle Game (Joni Mitchell cover), Cars and Guitars, Space Dog, Marianne, Barons Of Suburbia, Cool On Your Island, The Beekeeper

1st Encore: Honey, Sweet The Sting
2nd Encore: Cloud On My Tongue, Ribbons Undone

Don’t miss a look into our Atlanta and Chicago experiences, check out Leah’s photo gallery at:

Tori is heading out in the United States again this August and September for a nationwide tour, “Summer of Sin.”   You can find more updates at, but so far, the “Summer of Sin” can be found at:

* Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh, NY – WED AUGUST 17th
* PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel , NJ – FRI AUGUST 19th

In the meantime, enjoy her newest album, “The Beekeeper,” which will keep you satisfied until she comes to your town again.  As always, check for more information.

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