Hollywood, Music, Politics, Slackers, & Michael Moore

Hollywood, Music, Politics, Slackers, & Michael Moore

by terri sapp

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Michael Moore 2004 in Nashville

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Michael Moore’s “The Slacker Uprising Tour 2004” is another forum set out to get the voters to the polls in the upcoming election.  As we all know, the goal of such tours hitting primarily the “swing states,” whether you like it or not, is to get all of the eligible voters possible to the polls on November 2, 2004.  So many different types of people from all walks of life are sojourning for truth and change in America through the outcome of the vote happening in less than a month.  After hearing about the Tour from the recent headlines, I was able to catch the Nashville stop.  As everyone already knows, just by reputation, that Michael Moore is not one to keep quiet when he feels strongly about something.  “The Slacker Uprising Tour 2004” exceeded any and every expectation I might have had for a night with Michael Moore and friends.

            To start the night, we were privy to the best country song ever, by the “Honkey Tonkers for Truth” called “Takin My Country Back,” which can be found on http://www.takinmycountryback.com/ Then, a musician called Monkey Bowl (a man and keyboard) sang a couple of songs.  The first song Monkey Bowl sang was a perfect message to begin this night with lyrics such as, “even though he won the popular vote, he still lives on my street.  President Gore lives down the street from me.”  Monkey Bowl was enjoyable, and I would like to hear more from him.  “Stupid Man Things” was sent out to the ladies, and spoke of the possibilities of why certain people do what they do…

            After Monkey Bowl, singer/songwriter Steve Earl, joined us with a few songs written to inspire America to vote as well.  One theme that I found especially moving was, “just another poor boy off to fight a rich man’s war…” but we won’t get into that.  Earl, with just a guitar, managed to warm this extremely large crowd to the point of readiness for a little personal interaction with Michael Moore in a setting equipped to turn out hopefully some of the best numbers in years at the polls in this presidential election.

            Once the music was over, Michael Moore was greeted with pure excitement from the people in Nashville, and only met less than a handful of protests outside and inside the venue.  One of the first subjects he broached can be Michael Moore in Nashville 2004summed up by saying, “The beginning of the end is when the Dixie Chicks (who were a part of the 2000 inaugural ball) turn on you.”  He went onto say that not all Republicans are bad, using examples to back that up, but that the nation has started to shift.  Moore also shared his new Republican ads that he is giving to the Republican Party to use free of charge (they won’t be using these), along with other uncensored footage of the current President that Moore watched himself while chilling in a cooshy chair set up on the stage.  The ads were highly enjoyable. 

            One major statement Moore made was to the media, stating that the American people should be informed, so they can do the right thing and support the right stuff.  This is why the first Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is first…free press and speech among other civil liberties.  “Media should not take sides, but TELL THE TRUTH.”  Moore attributes a great deal of fear and misconception in our country to the media (even after having had a press conference with the media representatives just hours before) not doing its job and showing the truth in many instances when they have the power to.

            As pointed out in a recent uproar earlier in the tour, Moore actually threw a few packs of Ramen noodles and packs of underwear to some audience members who did not vote in the last election, asking them to vote at least “just this once!”  Moore reminds the “slackers” that the polls are open after noon, so everyone should be able to show.  Moore suggests, “sleep ‘til noon, drink beer, then vote…!”  

            Probably the most disturbing moment of the Tour was Moore’s almost guarantee that as the way things are now the draft is sure to come back around for the 18-24 agegroup, due to the promises of ongoing conflict and lack of troops to maintain over time.

            Some featured items available at “The Slackers Uprising Tour, 2004” include many cool pro-voter t-shirts featuring various sponsers of the tour, cds of the musical acts, the Fahrenheit 9/11 soundtrack featuring artists like Go-Go’s, R.E.M., Neil Young, Jethro Tull, and many others, and two important books “The Official Fahrenheit 9/11 Reader,” which includes the complete screeanplay, and extensive sources to back up all facts in the film, and “Will They Ever Trust Us Again? Letters From The War Zone,” comprised of letters sent to Michael Moore from the war in Iraq. 

            To find out if the “Slackers Tour” is coming to you, or for “Moore” information, visit http://www.michaelmoore.com/.  Most importantly, get out on November 2, 2004 and VOTE!

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